How to get to Sera Ella Falls, Sri Lanka

sera ella waterfall riverston sri lanka

Have you heard of Sera Ella, the not-so-famous but incredibly beautiful waterfall in Riverston, Sri Lanka?

Sera Ella Falls is easy to get to if you’re coming from Riverston Mini World’s End, but pretty hard to find if you’re coming straight from Colombo. Google Maps will wreak havoc on the directions and you will spend at least 2 hours going back and forth along the same road – which is exactly what happened to us!

So I’m gonna lay the directions out here for you if you’re going to Sera Ella from Colombo.

1. From B312, don’t turn to the road shown on Google Maps. It’s closed now, and there are wild elephants at dusk.

2. Continue past the last turn on google maps directions, past the Moragahakanda Dam. Continue on the road straight for 23km. Turn right from the T-junction. Landmark: Prasad Hotel and Restaurant. and continue for another few kilometers and turn right again. There are signboards on the road. Continue straight – the road condition is not that good and there are some gravel sections too. And you will pass a construction site as well. Continue straight.

3. Now turn on google maps and set directions to Sera Ella Waterfall Car Park, and the proper directions will show.

4. You will pass another construction site for a water treatment plant. Continue straight past it.

5. Then you will pass another part of the Moragahakanda reservoir. Continue straight. The road is still under construction and there are no side rails  so drive carefully.

6. After a while you’ll pass a Forest Bungalow and some signboards oh Knuckles and Duvili Ella. Do not turn there. Continue straight past.

7. You’ll reach the Knuckles Conservation Center, and a huge bridge. Continue straight ahead.

8. After a while you’ll reach a junction with signboards pointing to the direction of Sera Ella. Turn right and continue straight, past Puwakpitiya School. Continue along this road and you will reach the falls. There’s a small shop and a parking space, and you just need to go down a set of stairs past a rock wall coated in guano (it smells!!!) to reach the falls.

And then all you have to do is admire the beauty of this majestic waterfall! We went in the dry season so it only had a very thin stream of water. Scroll down to see the waterfall in her full glory!

Sera Ella Falls in Dry Season
waterfalls in sri lanka
Sera Ella during rainy season

There’s a cave behind the cascade where you can watch the water falling which is pretty exciting!

cave in a waterfall
The cave behind the waterfall

Happy travels peeps! 🙂

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