The Complete Guide to Riverston – Pitawala Pathana

Riveston Pitawala Pathana - Matale - Sri Lanka

Riverston Pitawala Pathana is a place best defined by the term “off the beaten path”. It’s the perfect one-day hike for those who want to walk less and enjoy lots and lots of nature! This was my first time hiking the plains in Riverston and boy! was it amazing!

The view from the top of Riverston Pitawala Pathana
The view from the top of Riverston Pitawala Pathana

Located in Rattota – Matale, bordering the Knuckles Mountain Range, the pathana has a vegetation somewhat similar to that of Horton Plains. It’s famous for these giant mysterious rock precipices overlooking the surrounding lush green vegetation. These rocks are quite wide and spacious for you to walk in. However, you need to be careful at all times because sometimes there may be strong gusts of winds. And it’s a sheer drop of nearly 1000ft+ so if you ever lose your footing, well, you’re history. But it will be a very exciting way to leave the world behind, don’t you think? Haha, just kidding 😉

360 degree view of the mountains and green forests at Riverston
360 degree view of the mountains and green forests at Riverston

If you have the fear of heights like me, make sure to have someone hold you when you’re walking to the edge. Trust me, I was literally shaking the whole time I was sitting here. But I did overcome my fear of heights a little! As The Good Dinosaur says, Sometimes you gotta get through your fear to see the beauty on the other side!

There are beautiful tea estates along the road leading up to Riverston, so make sure to stop and snap some pictures!

Tea estates  you see while traveling on the road to Riverston

Useful Tips for your Riverston Hike

  1. There is a ticket counter at the entrance, and you need to buy tickets before you start your hike.
  2. The guards will try to charge more money from you if they see you carrying professional camera gear (they charge separately for photo- shoots) so convince them that your photography is strictly personal.
  3. There’s ample parking space in the parking lot.
  4. It can get quite chilly in the mornings so take a light sweater with you.
  5. Wear sunscreen always. There’s not much shade on the hiking track so you will get exposed to the sun.
  6. Wear good walking shoes. It’s a fairly easy hike and the locals do it on flip-flops too, but it’s better if you wear shoes for more comfort.

Have you ever been to Riverston? Leave your comments below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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