A Backpacker’s Guide to Hiriketiya – Sri Lanka

A complete travel guide to Hiriketiya Beach Sri lanka

Hiriketiya, or commonly known as “Hiri” – the adorable nickname given by the people who have fallen in love with this beautiful little bay, could be one of the most underrated beaches in the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka.

Set in a stunning, tropical cove on the far Southern edge of Sri Lanka, Hiriketiya is a beautiful bay with turquoise-blue water and a left-hand gentle surf break perfect for all levels 0f surfers from beginners to pros. Or if you just want to play with the bouncy waves and lay in the shade with a book, this is just the spot for you!

Read this complete travel guide to find out everything you need to know to explore beautiful Hiri!

Where exactly is Hiriketiya Located?

Hiriketiya Beach is located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, just next door to the town of Dikwella.

How to Get to Hiriketiya?

If you’re coming from Colombo, you need to exit the Highway at the Aparekka Interchange and follow Google Maps from there onwards. It will lead you right to the beach.

If you’re coming from Dikwella, from Dikwella it’s roughly a 20 minute walk to reach Hiriketiya Beach. The other option is to rent scooters for the day, which cost around 1,000 Rupees per day.

Where to Eat?

Malu Poke

If you love poke bowls, this is the place for you! Malu Poke serves the best poke bowls in Hiri. And they’re located just next to the beach which makes it so convenient!

Chic seating arrangements and smooth music make this little restaurant even more attractive. They also have some books in different languages, so you can indulge yourself.

We ordered the Tofu Poke Bowl and Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl, and we loved them!

Find them on Instagram here!

Dots Bay House

Dots Bay House is located just a 2-minute walk from Hiriketiya beach. They serve amazing fusion food. Their dishes have a subtle Sri Lankan twist which we absolutely loved!

And the ambience is to die for!

We ordered the Hummus with Coconut Roti and the Fried Rice, both of which were amazingly flavorful dishes. We loved the hummus dish so much we even asked them for the recipe and made it at home!

P.S: They have a super cool gram-worthy spot right at the bar! Find them on Instagram here!

Where to Stay?

BomBora Hiriketiya

BomBora is a really cute spot to stay at! It’s located right next to the Hiriketiya beach (just 10-15 footsteps away!), and designed in such a minimalistic way that it gave me major Pinterest vibes!

They have a rooftop which has amazing views over the Hiriketiya Bay. The rooftop also comes with power outlets and they have free Wi-Fi, so it’s a great place for digital nomads too.

See how absolutely pretty our room is! They also have the cutest and friendliest little doggos called Scooter and Lulu! You can make a bookinh on Airbnb, Booking.com or through a phone call. Find them on Instagram here!

Here are some other places you could stay at in Hiri:

Dots Bay House


Jasper House

What to do in Hiriketiya?

Surf. Swim. Chill!

There are surf schools in Hiri and you can sign up with one of them. Hiriketiya is a wonderful surf spot for surfing, and to learn to surf if you’re a newbie!

The beach is pretty shallow to a distance, and the waves are bouncy and nice, so you can go for a swim in the morning or evening.

Or you can just chill with a book in the shade, or play with the friendly beach doggos!

Best Time to Visit + Useful Tips

The best time to visit the west and south coasts, and hill country of Sri Lanka, is from December – March. Early December is our favorite time to visit Hiri.

The best options for visiting Hiriketiya Beach would be either sunrise or sunset. The sun is just too hot during the day.

In the early morning is when you’ll find the majority surfers out catching the best waves. The evening is when the beach-front bars/food shacks come alive. Making for an awesome spot to hang out at and watch the sunset with friends. 

What to Pack?


Day bag with all your beach essentials.

Swimmies and cover-ups.

Light camera gear.

Hiriketiya Beach has some of the softest golden sand we’ve in Sri Lankan beaches, and a whole variety of sea-shells. With palm trees hanging over the bay, Hiriketiya Beach really is a jungle paradise.

If you’re not into surfing then Hiriketiya Beach is still a perfect little spot to chill for the afternoon.

We love the fact that all of our top picks for hipster restaurants and beautiful vacation rentals are located at a mere walking distance to the beach.

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A complete travel guide to Hiriketiya Beach Sri lanka
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